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Thermal Inkjet Systems

Our thermal inkjet solutions were developed in collaboration with our customers to provide maximum dependability for a smooth running production process. Polymer thermal inkjet inks are unique as they contain polymer resins, meaning our inks not only stick to non-porous substrates, but are difficult to rub and scratch off – making them ideal for many applications on plastic, glass and most metals.

These reliable and robust industrial printing systems guarantee brilliant prints with up to 600dpi – even at high speeds.  They can be operated as standalone printers, or in combination with other inkjet marking solutions. A new range of HACCP direct food contact inks and edible UV invisible inks for fruit and vegetables, baked products and confectionery is now available.

New products included in our range are the POLYtij® IP65 S3i multi-head printers, which are built to tolerate high temperatures and liquids used in harsh industrial printing environments while utilising the POLYtij® Adhesion LFC ink. This product offers the highest rub resistance and adhesion (+50 rubs).

The POLYtij ®S34 Combo printer gives you the access to multiple printhead combinations previously not possible with the POLYtij ® S3 -1-6 Printhead printer.

The ARtij® Augmented Thermal Inkjet Reality offers a new dimension in coding and marking for the FMCG market by using creative interactive Augmented Reality experiences, while the POLYtij® PERFECTA™ ink is a version 4.0 polymer thermal inkjet ink formulated to dry within one second on difficult substrates such as plastic films (PE, PET, PP), PVC, UV coats and metals with a multiple shift production-ready time.

Key Features of Thermal Inkjet Printing (TIJ)

  • Small, precise droplets which ensure a consistently high print quality.
  • High resolutions up to 600dpi, even at high speeds.
  • Reliable and robust tool for industrial printing.
  • Suitable for a wide range of substrates.
  • A large number of barcodes, QR Codes, Data Matrix, and PPN Codes.
  • Print speeds of up to 150m/min.
  • Easy-to-clean print heads.
  • The cartridge can be changed in seconds.
  • Absolutely odour free.
  • Cost-effective.