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Label Applicators

Industrial label applicators offer the most reliable, on-demand labelling solutions for any industry. They perform even in the most difficult conditions. We have eight models for your every need in terms of productivity and production line speed and are available in various widths. Our label applicators can be equipped with several applicators including “wipe-on” for contact labelling or pneumatic for air-blast labelling.

Eight models of label applicators are available for the application of self-adhesive labels on every kind of product:

Key features of our label applicator systems:

  • Flexibility – can be employed to label many different products and can be moved easily from one production line to another.
  • Clean and simple to operate.
  • Generates very low waste.
  • No mechanical components to replace.
  • Operator friendly interface.

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Feature Basic 120 (1000 series) Dynamic 120 (1000 series) Easy 160 (3000 series) Easy ATEX 160/240 (3000 series) Evolution 160/240 (3000 series) Evolution 160/240 (Powerkit) – (3000 series) Wind 80/240/330 (3000 series) Flash 80 (3000 series)
Dispensing Speed 20m/min 40 m/min 20m/min 20 m/min 50 m/min 50 m/min 100 m/min 150
Housing Reel 280mm 280mm 360mm 360mm 360mm 360mm 380mm 380mm
Products per Minute 100 200 100 100 800 800 1000 1200
Labelling Accuracy +/-1mm +/-1 mm +/-1 mm +/-1 mm +/-0.5mm +/-0.5mm +/- 0.3 mm +/- 0.3 mm
Additional Upgradable to Dynamic 120 Advanced Control Unit Pneumatic Version, ATEX certified Advanced Control Unit Printing module embedded for print and apply function Advanced Control Unit Advanced Control Unit