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Food Safety

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Food tech has not kept pace with the increasing challenges of the global food supply. Consumers are uncertain about the origin and safety of the food they eat, and the industry struggles with food recalls, fraud, and adulteration.

We are here to change that! Drawing on nature, SafeTraces uses the power of DNA to verify the origin, purity and safety of food – on-site, in minutes.

This groundbreaking system directly tags food and agricultural products with FDA-approved DNA barcodes and enables item-level traceability – anytime, anywhere – in 25 minutes. Accurately identifying adulteration.

This innovative solution detects dilution and adulteration of liquid food (oils, juices, beverages, chemicals).

SafeTraces provides the only on-food safety solutions that deliver full transparency into the safety and provenance of food and agricultural products. They enable producers and processors to protect their brands and reduce food waste and recall costs.

Item level traceability for fresh produce, liquid and bulk goods using SafeTracersTM, edible, invisible DNA barcodes.

Key Benefits:

  • Protect your brand and reduce food waste and recall costs
  • Verify provenance to detect adulteration, fraud and misuse
  • Gain transparency through easy integration into the value chain and FSQR
  • Determine origin across commingled lots
  • Link product to registry systems, including BlockChain
  • Plant-based, FDA affirmed GRAS, non-GMO with no impact on product appearance, taste, shelf life or yield

Part of the MiniDart suite, the D-Art 3000 is designed specifically for automated filling lines, creating and mixing a unique safeTracersTM barcode for each bag or container.

Sanitation verification for production facilities using saniTracersTM, non-living, food-safe DNA-tagged particles. The solution is actionable, cost-effective, FDA affirmed GRAS and data-driven. Clean up your act on-site in 15 minutes.

Key Benefits:

  • Use to support FSMA Preventative Controls and pre-requisite food safety programs
  • Quantify the effectiveness of the cleaning process
  • Correct problems in real-time
  • Continuously improve in-house facility cleaning and sanitation validation and verification programs