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Presenting the ALE Nano Series - TracePack

Presenting the ALE Nano Series: The high resolution all-in-one-box printer.

The ALE Nano Series is a self-contained printer including control box, hydraulic system and print head that offers a compact, low cost marking and coding system to the pharma and many other industries.

Features include:

  • Easy installation on your production line
  • High resolution (up to 360 dpi) side or omnidirectional printing
  • Print on various surfaces: porous and non-porous
  • Print in any colour ink
  • Print text, logo and real-time data at a speed of up to 42m/min
  • Ink replacement live so there is no downtime
  • USB/RS 232, WiFi, Ethernet/Alarms
  • The system is network friendly, providing easy communication between office and factory.

See this incredible solution mark and code boxes

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