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ARCA anti-tampering solution for pharma products - TracePack

ARCA anti-tampering solution for pharma products

Two Sides Seal – Tamper Evident Labelling System for Pharma Products | Anti-Tampering Solution

From the upstream line, the product enters in the system where two smart sensors detect it. Once the product arrives onto our conveyor, it is hold by the belt and lateral guides up to the labelling station. Then the system stabilises the product thanks to the upper stabilizer and a section of special rubber belts. This section guarantees at the same time stability during the labelling operation and a proper space between the products through the acceleration of the linear speed. Under the upper stabilizer, the product is labelled on the two sides with specific “tamper evident seal labels”. These labels remain in “flag position” up to the two mechanical adapters that bend the “flag portion” on the superior or inferior surface. This position could be easily changed giving the possibility of different combinations of seal labels on the two sides.

Main control panel with 10.4″ HMI touch screen display equipped with a graphic interface and advanced firmware tools for smart management of all the operations: set up, alarm reset, production trial downloading process. All the functions are protected by 3 password levels certified CFR21 and one fingerprint reader as additional protection solution. A secondary analogic control panel is available on the opposite side with the main operating functions.

A barrier sensor at the entrance double check the correct operation as validation of the process. During the labelling process, the machine verifies the correct application of the labels on the product through two fiber optical sensors. In case of error or wrong application, the rejecting station blows out of the line the wrong product into a collecting box. One second collecting box equipped with a deviating barrier will be controlled through an interlock signal from the downstream line. In case of emergency situation or error of the next line, the machine will activate this device to empty the line if required.

The machine is protected into a safety cabinet with polycarbonate panels and stainless-steel bars. The doors are controlled by safety microswitch to guarantee opening operation in safety conditions. All the motorized parts of the machine are also integrated with micro-switch safety solution. PRODUCTIVITY Arca “Tamper Evident” labelling system is a very high-performance machine able to satisfy every productivity and label accuracy needs.

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