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Coding with laser reactive ink on glass - TracePack

Glass is one of the most widely used substrates in the Health and Beauty industry due to the quality required for cosmetics and perfumes but is considered one of the most difficult substrates to mark. Macsa ID has developed a system that provides a solution: it allows a QR code plus 2 lines of text to be marked on a base of laser reactive ink.


The reactive ink base generates a black label as a reaction to the heat, which then allows a clear and quality contrast to be made. Thanks to a patented system, the permanence and durability of the reactive layer against scratches and/or external agents is guaranteed.

The system also provides timesaving with its high marking speeds and its ability of marking variable or promotional codes (QR codes to be read with a smartphone) directly on the substrate (glass). Previously a machine vision system would be required to be read later in production. Moreover, the IP54 protection of the system prevents the glass debris produced from the marking from entering the laser or damaging the lens.


Laser: SPA 10W
Lens: 60×60
Market: Health & Beauty
Application type: Coding
Product: Bottle
Material: Laser reactive ink on glass
Line speed: Static
Marking time: 0.2 seconds


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