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Tax Stamping and Revenue Loss - TracePack

The counterfeiting industry is one of the fastest growing industries globally, and Africa is considered a dumping ground for these often sub-standard products. Many legitimate manufacturers are having to ensure that they put strategies in place to stop fake and counterfeit goods from destroying their brand reputation and strength. Funds gained from this illicit trade are known to support serious organised crime and terrorist organisations.

The effects of organised crime and terrorism on industries as a whole and the businesses that operate within them can be devastating. These losses in tax revenue for governments equates to a reduction budgets and leads to slower economies. Alcohol, cigarettes, and pharmaceuticals are just three of the many products that are often counterfeited or smuggled across borders without the required tax being paid. Since an effective strategy to fight this crime includes item level identification, authentication and track and trace, TracePack is well positioned to help many manufacturers with fighting organised crime. High-security tax stamps combine overt and covert security features to enable consumers and customs officials alike to confirm that products are authentic. Combined with security print, serial numbers and/or bar codes, these tax stamps provide effective protection available against counterfeiting.

TracePack can assist legitimate manufacturers by offering the following solutions:

Consulting on anti-counterfeit solutions and comprehensive brand protection strategies, providing marking technologies for item level identification. Supplying a secure and patented 2D code that cannot be recreated by counterfeiters. Provide a track and trace platform that tracks their product from manufacturer to consumer, as well as detects round tripping and diversions. Provide a solution to ring-fence products supplied. Authentication and security printing solutions

The main products and solutions on offer include:

• Highly secure Pelta 2D code – an authentication and verification solution
• Holograms/de-metalised films
• UV and IR inks
• DNA inks
• Security printing solutions
• Track and trace software platform

Marking hardware, TracePack offers a range of labelers with 6 models that can be equipped, depending on the type of application, with various peelers for “contact“ labeling or with pneumatic applicators for air-blast labeling, all of these can be furnished with printing devices and are available in various widths. Our 4 print and apply models can be configured for employment of the best thermal transfer print modules. Our range of machines can be integrated into a production line alternatively we have labelling systems available as well.