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    Pharmaceutical Traceability

    Pharmacode or pharmaceutical binary code enables you to see the movement of prescription drugs or medical devices across the supply chain.

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    Non-contact Printing

    BestCode’s complete range of marking and coding systems are simplified to allow anyone to operate, minimizing operator touches, extending time between human interaction and lowering total cost of ownership.

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    Presenting the ALE Nano Series

    Presenting the ALE Nano Series: The high resolution all-in-one-box printer. The ALE Nano Series is a self-contained printer including control box, hydraulic system and print head that offers a compact, low cost marking and coding system to the pharma and many other industries. Features include: Easy installation on your production line High resolution (up to

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    Place labels on 3 sides in one non-stop process

    Place labels on 2 sides and a tamper evident label on the top lid in one non-stop process with the Arca – Labeling & Marking machine

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    Next Series 8

    Series 8 systems prints with 3 speed settings – fast, faster and fastest. A single line of text can print at speeds exceeding 1500 feet/minute (470 M/minute), two lines over 600 feet/minute (200 M/minute), three or four lines of print at 300 feet/minute (100 M/minute).

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    Arca tamper evident labelling machine

    Ask us about the Arca tamper evident labelling machine. Watch as it applies labels on the top and side of food boxes. +27 10 020 7221 or

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    Opportunities for coding and marking companies

    Walmart introduced new barcode regulation for its shops, requiring the boxes to be printed on four sides, plus the top, meaning five barcodes in total to appear on the case. Moreover, product information (variable data such as batch number, Best By date, quantity, Vendor name, etc.) as well as the brand and sub-brand with their

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    Continuous Innovations

    Tracepack distributors of BestCode: Industry-changing, forward thinking, innovative industrial printing designs for a broad range of industries and applications. BestCode Continuous Ink Jet printing systems print real time—best before, lot codes, sell by, expiration dates and other identifying marks and codes on industrial and consumer goods to ensure product traceability or product identification. Thousands of

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    Reliable in extreme conditions

    The Macsa id SPA CIP has been designed to operate in wash down, wet and dusty environments, adding complete protection to the laser tube and lenses. Features include: Touch Screen: with real-time display Reliable in extreme conditions: complete protection in wash down, wet and dusty Versatile: over a wide range of materials Fast: high performance

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    LAUNCHING the portable NEO ROLL printer by ALE This powerful handheld thermal inkjet printer has been designed to print on a wide variety of substrates without the need of any conveyor. The NEO ROLL system is the ideal solution for companies willing to purchase an easy first coding and marking solution. It offers the quality and performance

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